Upcoming meeting:

The next meeting of the ETI-SG is scheduled to take place in conjunction with IEEE SmartGridComm, Beijing, China (October 21-14, 2019)

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Past meetings:

May 21, 2019, Shanghai, China, during IEEE ICC 2019 (presentation, minutes)

October 30, 2018, Aalborg, Denmark, during IEEE SmartGridComm’18 (presentation, minutes)

May 21, 2018, Kansas City, USA, during IEEE ICC 2018 (presentation, minutes, policies and procedures)

October 24, 2017, Dresden, Germany, during IEEE SmartGridComm’17 (presentation, minutes)

November 8, 2016, Sydney, Australia, during IEEE SmartGridComm’16 (minutes)

May 24, 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, during IEEE ICC 2016 (presentation, minutes)

November 4, 2015, Miami, Florida, during IEEE SmartGridComm’15

June 11, 2013, Budapest, Hungary, during IEEE ICC 2013