Chair: Lijun Chen @ Univ. of Colorado, Co-Chair: Emiliano Dall’Anese @ NREL, USA

Power systems are rapidly evolving from a vertical industry structure characterized by centralized supply and one-way power flow from generation to load to a horizontal structure with large-scale deployment of renewable and distributed energy resources and millions of end customers participating in markets.  This transition from vertical to horizontal structure creates the need for convergence of the controls and transactions into a platform to enable distributed, reliable and secure market and grid operations. Control and economic mechanisms must be jointly designed to balance volatile supply and responsive demand at the fast timescales and to mediate the interests of various shareholders from individual prosumers to utility companies to state and federal regulators. The Special Interest Group in ICT-Enabled Transactive Energy and Grid Economics aims to help frame the research problems, shape the research agenda and identify the best practices in transactive energy and grid economics, as well to facilitate the communications between relevant research and professional communities, educate the public and inform the policy makers.