Chair: Hamidreza Nazaripouya @ UC Riverside Co-Chair: Phuong Nguyen @ TU Eindhoven)

The SIG on energy storage and electric vehicles (EVs) aims to establish a focused but interdisciplinary research community on energy storage and electric vehicles in a smart grid context. We envision this community to comprise technical experts from communications, computer science, power engineering as well as economics. The SIG ambition is to offer a forum for interaction among these experts from a research perspective, and enable education for such researchers and practitioners. The SIG will actively contribute to relevant scientific conferences and (co-)organize workshops.

The areas of interest in the SIG comprise addressing the challenges for both (1) electromobility integration in the power grid (e.g., including EV charging, including vehicle-to-grid (V2G) services), as well as (2) energy storage for smart grid applications (including microgrid applications, grid services, electricity markets, etc.). We consider mostly system level challenges, including communications and control, thus bringing together experts from power engineering, communications, control and computer science, as well as business modeling and techno-economics.

Current and past activities