Chair: Yan Zhang @ University of Oslo, Co-Chair Melike Erol-Kantarci, University of Ottawa, Co-Chair: Damla Turgut @ University of Central Florida

Smart grid is developing into a complex cyber physical system, including integration of renewable energy, wide penetration of electric vehicles and deep consideration of users’ behavior and requirements. Traditional equation-based methods may not be effective to enable stable, secure and efficient smart grid. AI and computational intelligence is emerging as a powerful tool to dig the hidden patterns in the data that is streaming in from the complex smart grid. This is envisioned to revolutionize the development of smart grid, which will further realize the vision of AI-empowered smart cities.

Topics of this SIG focus on AI and computational intelligence for smart grid including:

  • AI driven approaches for smart grid
  • Computational intelligence for smart grid
  • Edge computing, edge intelligence for smart grid
  • Cloud/edge integrated architecture for smart grid
  • Distributed machine learning for smart grid
  • AI for human behaviors analytics in smart grid
  • Theoretical development and new machine/deep learning algorithms for smart grid
  • End-users’ demand forecasting
  • Power generation forecasting for renewable energy in smart grid
  • Intelligent demand response for smart grid
  • Intelligent electric vehicle integration in smart grid
  • New machine learning algorithms for smart grid
  • AI-driven communications and networking for smart grid, e.g., UAV for inspection
  • AI-enabled transactive energy systems
  • Big data-driven approach for smart grid
  • Blockchain for smart grid
  • Cyber security and trust in smart grid
  • AI methods for data privacy in smart grid
  • Experiment platform and simulation for smart grid