SIG Active Distribution Grids and Microgrids

Chair: Zhao Xu @ PolyU, HK, Co-Chair: Junhua Zhao @ CUHK, Shenzhen

The modern power system nowadays develops towards a more diversified and flexible direction, requiring a variety of market participants, many types of energy supply and storage methods, and different active degrees of end-users. Therefore, it is of great significant to combine new technologies into modern power systems so as to rapidly adapt to the industrial revolution and innovations. With the utilization of de-centralized control technologies in a mega scale of distribution grids, Active Distribution Grids and Microgrids can achieve a good match between market operational impacts of microgrid integration and sustainable energy-efficient power supply requirement, indicating a potential solution for the power grid development problem. Active Distribution Grids and Microgrids will provide a distributed/on-site generation with fully integrated network management. However, adoption of de-centralized control technologies is facing challenges from macro and micro perspectives, because collaborative control effectiveness of distributed generation, distributed energy resources, market-based microgrids, reliability and security are still to be evaluated. The comprehensive development of Active Distribution Grids and Microgrids therefore requires advices and suggestions from all industrial experts and academic scholars. Ultimately, it is full of confidence to expect that the constantly in-depth study and research basing on Active Distribution Grids and Microgrids will promote the entire electricity-based human society towards a prosperous, efficient, sustainable and secure living environment.